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I am on vacation!

I am flying with the family to Portland, OR to participate in a dear friend’s wedding this weekend. I’ll still be checking email, and if you need to contact me, I’ll have my phone with me. When I get back, I’ll have even more images to show and tell, but in the meantime, here are a few previews of what I’ve been up to lately!


Ari and Mark 1

Jen and Beau 2

There are even a few bonus images on flickr. Enjoy!

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Stationery Inspiration: Vintage Save-the-date Postcards

Vintage Postcards

I love thrift shopping. I don’t do antiques, though- I go straight for the weird and wonderful stuff. Last summer, I snagged an awesome bag of vintage postcards from around the US, most of which were completely unused and in great shape.

Vintage Postcards

Save-the-date season is here, and I thought that these would make totally cool cards for a couple planning a destination wedding or a Rat-Pack/swanky/lounge wedding (or maybe just announcing a Vegas elopement!). You could use them in a lot of really neat ways. Here are a couple of suggestions for when you snag a pack of your own:

  • The simplest route would be to hand write the postcards, but that would take a lot of patience and elbow grease. The upside is they would look the most like a travel postcard, which definitely gets cool points. Try using ultra-fine Sharpie pens in your wedding colors, and add doodles if you’re good at that kind of thing (I’m not!).
  • If your printer has the horsepower, and the cards you have are thin enough, run them through the printer and see what happens. A lot of the older cards are matte on the back, so the ink should hold. You probably would want to give them space and time to air dry, just in case you’re worried about smudging. There are lots of free fonts out there, so have fun with authentic-looking handwriting, space-age atomic fonts, or whatever you’d like!
  • If your printer just won’t do it, you still have options. Plenty of online merchants can make rubber stamps, and a lot of them offer free ones- just be sure not to let them trick you into buying a lot of extra stuff! While you’re at it, you could have a stamp made for your return address, too- you’ve got a lot of things to address in the next few months!
  • If you’re thinking ahead to hand-making your invitations but don’t want to/can’t inkjet print them, you might be interested in a Gocco, which is a small silksreening device that can be used to hand-print invitations and save-the-date postcards, as well as favor boxes, thank you cards, programs, you name it! The nice thing about a silkscreening is that it has an appearance distinct from inkjet and laser printing, which is a plus if you aren’t impressed with your printer’s capability. The way a Gocco printer’s screens are made, you could use a computer layout or you could hand-draw your layout onto a piece of paper. This would be a great option for someone interested in creating their own stationery suite or who wants to use papers that won’t easily feed through a printer. For more Gocco inspiration, check out this flickr group and this tutorial from The Small Object.
  • If you have just one postcard you love and three hundred guests to send it to, you might want to consider scanning the card and having it reprinted. There are more postcard printers on the internet than calories in a Venti Frappuccino, so shop around, ask for samples, and read reviews on quality AND service (you don’t want get a pile of ugly cards only to be stuck with them because no one answers the phone!). There are tons of paper options, and many printers do lots of sizes and offer fun things like rounded corners. Be sure to ask questions if you’re not familiar with prepping files for press printing, as the colors can go awry if your file isn’t in the right color mode- just email your printer and ask for a template for your imaging software. Some of them also allow you to upload an image and then insert text on top, if you’re not Photoshop-savvy.  Here’s an example of a card I scanned and embellished (you’d want to trim the edges down and use your printer’s specs for good results):

Las Vegas Save the Date

So, there you have it. There are a lot of things you can do yourself with something as mundane as a pile of old postcards, so don’t feel limited by what invitations are available commercially. You can have awesome custom invitations, and since you do them so far in advance of the big day, you don’t need to stress about them. You probably also have a couple of crafty friends who might be intimidated by floral arrangement but would rock at this, so don’t be afraid to ask!

How would you use a vintage postcard in your wedding stationery? Also, leave a comment if you  absolutely can’t live without a postcard in my stack- I would be happy to pass a few along!

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