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Jeff | Ann Arbor Professional Headshots

So, Jeff, aka Dr. Science, is a many-times-over published researcher. He called to tell me he’s got another article in the works, but this time he needed a headshot to submit with his bio. No problem! We did a mini-session – two quick looks, one location (essentially – we walked a block to get to two contrasting backdrops).

Jeff's Professional Headshots

It’s a good idea to have a couple of different headshots on hand, whether you’re an actor, an insurance agent, a realtor, or in Jeff’s case, a super-scientist. Even in a short session, we got enough contrast that someone stopping by his LinkedIn account won’t think he only has one good photo. :) If you’re interested in a professional headshot mini-session, contact me!

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Portraits: Samantha . Detroit Acting Headshots


Here’s a little glimpse of what the weather was like only a few short months ago. I can almost feel the sunshine!

I love shooting in Detroit. It is a wealth of texture – and not all of it grungy, although I’m a sucker for a good spraypainted wall or broken window. Sometimes Detroit gives you a stately stone and brick building, covered in a patina of moss.

I love to shoot headshot sessions for acting students in and around the school, simply because the place is so evocative – comfortable and full of memories. Just about any location can work for portraiture, but a great location happens when you love where you’re at.
I love how relaxed she is in this image! These were taken outside the Wayne State theatre scene/costume shop. Anyone who’s been in the theatre department has spent some time here, fabricating scenery, fitting costumes, and selecting props.  I love love love Samantha’s eyes, and I wanted to highlight them against the glass fronted building and afternoon sunshine.
This was one of the most beautiful fall days, and it brought out a little Detroit-style excitement. We took a short break during the shoot to speak with the resident of a nearby building who was having plumbing issues in her apartment while trying to prepare for a dinner party.

And in other news, there’s a new e-mail address for the studio. Send your questions and requests to!

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Portraits: Amanda . Detroit Headshot Photographer

Amanda in a junkyard, waiting for sunset

Oh, blog.  I love you like a sullen teenager – I’m in awe of how complicated you are, and I try my best to hide that I think I’m not cool enough for you!  I hope you are happy with your facelift, little blog. What do you all think of the new look?

This session with Amanda unfolded like the best kind of shoot – we had an idea of what we wanted to do, and then – BAM! – there was a pink trailer. Well, who wouldn’t seize upon an opportunity such as this?

Amanda in front of a pink junkyard trailerI mean, pink trailers are so hot right now. (Actually, this one was FREEZING COLD and she was a total trooper leaning on it like that!). Amanda is looking to get back into theater locally, and this shoot was originally intended to be a headshot session…Amanda's headshotbut then there was a little bit of hanging out at the park, enjoying the tail-end of summer.Amanda on the steps at Elizabeth Park, Trenton, MII feel a twinge of jealousy when I look at her fabulous red hair.  I haven’t even attempted such a thing since early college – unless you get it just right, red CURLY hair sends a significantly different message, you know?Amanda on the steps in Elizabeth Park, Trenton, MIAmanda in a junkyard, waiting for sunsetSo pretty.
Amanda in the junkyard grassAt this point, the sun was just about down, and we still had one wardrobe change left.  There was no way we were skipping the little black dress, so Amanda jumped up on the tracks and made it work… in seconds!Amanda working it on the train tracks, reminiscent of Heidi Klum

If you want to see the entire shoot, check out the slideshow below.

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