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Jeff | Ann Arbor Professional Headshots

So, Jeff, aka Dr. Science, is a many-times-over published researcher. He called to tell me he’s got another article in the works, but this time he needed a headshot to submit with his bio. No problem! We did a mini-session – two quick looks, one location (essentially – we walked a block to get to two contrasting backdrops).

Jeff's Professional Headshots

It’s a good idea to have a couple of different headshots on hand, whether you’re an actor, an insurance agent, a realtor, or in Jeff’s case, a super-scientist. Even in a short session, we got enough contrast that someone stopping by his LinkedIn account won’t think he only has one good photo. :) If you’re interested in a professional headshot mini-session, contact me!

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Engagement: Ari and Mark

Ari and Mark have been married for a  month (!), but since I’m blogging the backlog of fun shoots I’ve done so far this summer, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite engagement portraits from their session.

Ari and Mark

Aren’t they sweet? This is the image that we used on their wedding gallery announcement cards that were handed out at the reception.

Ari and Mark

We went down to the Arb in Ann Arbor and meandered around one of the trails. I love this image – it’s awesome to photograph a couple who really are good friends to each other.

Ari and Mark

Ari’s engagement ring is beautiful!

Ari and Mark

I’ll admit it – I’ve got a soft spot for pictures of kisses. Especially the ones that are passionate and playful!

Ari and Mark

Laying in the grass…a classic Arb passtime! Ari and Mark were kind enough to humor me.

Ari and Mark

When we were wrapping up the shoot, the sun had begun to set and lit up the evergreens on the opposite side of the hill. The light is so intense, the trees looked like they were on fire. It was a lovely way to end our outing.

Next up I’ll have images from Mark and Ari’s gorgeous wedding. They had a beautiful, emotional ceremony in a garden, followed by a nonstop party reception – photos of dancing guests and celebration abound!

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Portrait: Natalie

Oh, hooray for beautiful weather in Detroit, finally! I know I keep saying it, but I don’t want to take it for granted – the spring is so fleeting and the crushing heat of summer will be upon us soon enough.  Natalie and I took the opportunity to walk around the Woodbridge historical district and add a little of the patina of the Detroit landscape to her portraits.

Natalie + graffiti

Natalie is heading to Chicago this fall to persue her acting career. I am thrilled to see more Wayne Stater graduates going into the world to seek their fortunes! I suspect she’s going to make quite an impression in the Chicago theater community.

Natalie - Headshot

Those eyes. Wow.

Found chair

Sometimes you find a chair next to a field and an abandoned building. Perhaps the chair wasn’t abandoned, though. There was an urban farm being assembled nearby. It’s really cool to see folks talking back the empty lots.

Natalie in a tree

Can you believe this crazy tree is only feet from the expressway? It’s a little piece of beauty in a lot of concrete blah!

Natalie on the exit ramp

Yep. Still on the exit ramp.

Natalie - Headshot

Thanks, Natalie, for hanging out in the alley, standing on weird porches, and climbing trees in the name of headshots!

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