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Vivienne and the Lollipop . Detroit childrens photographer

So, apparently there are two kinds of children-of-photographers: the ultra camera-shy ones, and the ones who ham it up for the camera.

Vivienne and the lollipop

Guess which one I got? She was sitting on my bed, eating a pineapple dum-dum lollipop (technically it was a mystery flavor one, but man! it smelled like pineapple and was bright yellow) on a recent afternoon and requested a portrait to commemorate the experience. Specifically, she held up her lollipop and said, “Take a picture of us!” Who could resist those charms?

Vivienne and the lollipop

I am so glad she inherited someone else’s eyelashes besides mine. I’ve got stumpy, spiky ones that splay out in all directions. Nothing like the perfect, feathery fans my daughter has.

Vivienne and the lollipop

At some point, Vivienne located a small, gold ring of plastic (how do toddlers do that? I don’t even know where it came from) and proceeded to ‘crown’ her Princess Lollipop. That shine on her chin is, in fact, drool. The kid loves her candy.

Vivienne and the lollipop

At this point, the camera was put down to make way for a TICKLE MONSTER!

Vivienne and the lollipop

I didn’t realize my bedroom was an IKEA ad. Between the green closet doors, and the bed/duvet cover, we’ve got it covered. I am a flat-pack furniture hero. I could assemble the Taj Mahal, as long as it came with an allen wrench! :)

Vivienne and the lollipop This is the mommy smile, the one just for me. It makes me so happy – I’m glad to be able to share it with everyone!

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She is two!

Vivienne Blowing Bubbles with Grandpa 6

Ta-da!  My little girl is not so little any more.  On Sunday, she turned two.  I can’t believe how quickly she has been changing.  She now tells me things like, “I can do it,” “Leave me alone,” and “Give me the camera, Mommy.”

Vivienne Blowing Bubbles with Grandpa 5

These images are from our mini-vacation to Houghton Lake over Memorial Day.  Give her some bubbles and an afternoon with Grandpa, and she’s over the moon.

Vivienne Blowing Bubbles with Grandpa 2

And the best part is, all this bubble-blowing leads to very long, very peaceful naps – a luxury for mother as well as child!

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