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Portraits: Samantha . Detroit Acting Headshots


Here’s a little glimpse of what the weather was like only a few short months ago. I can almost feel the sunshine!

I love shooting in Detroit. It is a wealth of texture – and not all of it grungy, although I’m a sucker for a good spraypainted wall or broken window. Sometimes Detroit gives you a stately stone and brick building, covered in a patina of moss.

I love to shoot headshot sessions for acting students in and around the school, simply because the place is so evocative – comfortable and full of memories. Just about any location can work for portraiture, but a great location happens when you love where you’re at.
I love how relaxed she is in this image! These were taken outside the Wayne State theatre scene/costume shop. Anyone who’s been in the theatre department has spent some time here, fabricating scenery, fitting costumes, and selecting props.  I love love love Samantha’s eyes, and I wanted to highlight them against the glass fronted building and afternoon sunshine.
This was one of the most beautiful fall days, and it brought out a little Detroit-style excitement. We took a short break during the shoot to speak with the resident of a nearby building who was having plumbing issues in her apartment while trying to prepare for a dinner party.

And in other news, there’s a new e-mail address for the studio. Send your questions and requests to veronica@veronicamachak.com!

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Portrait: Natalie

Oh, hooray for beautiful weather in Detroit, finally! I know I keep saying it, but I don’t want to take it for granted – the spring is so fleeting and the crushing heat of summer will be upon us soon enough.  Natalie and I took the opportunity to walk around the Woodbridge historical district and add a little of the patina of the Detroit landscape to her portraits.

Natalie + graffiti

Natalie is heading to Chicago this fall to persue her acting career. I am thrilled to see more Wayne Stater graduates going into the world to seek their fortunes! I suspect she’s going to make quite an impression in the Chicago theater community.

Natalie - Headshot

Those eyes. Wow.

Found chair

Sometimes you find a chair next to a field and an abandoned building. Perhaps the chair wasn’t abandoned, though. There was an urban farm being assembled nearby. It’s really cool to see folks talking back the empty lots.

Natalie in a tree

Can you believe this crazy tree is only feet from the expressway? It’s a little piece of beauty in a lot of concrete blah!

Natalie on the exit ramp

Yep. Still on the exit ramp.

Natalie - Headshot

Thanks, Natalie, for hanging out in the alley, standing on weird porches, and climbing trees in the name of headshots!

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Portrait: Brandon

I don’t know what it is about Wayne State theater, but they’ve got some seriously talented and attractive students in that department (and I don’t just say that because I was one of them long ago!). Brandon is wrapping up his degree, so we took a couple of hours on yet another frustratingly cold spring day to put together a few headshots.

Portrait - Brandon (veronicamachak.com)

Wayne State campus is a strange place, when it comes to architecture. There doesn’t seem to be a unifying theme to it, other than a bent toward more modern, boxy structures.  There is an abundance of pattern, which is really neat.

Portrait - Brandon (veronicamachak.com)

And occasionally, you find a fun little urban anachronism.

Disco Ball - Detroit

There’s a fountain and reflecting pool with huge porous boulders in it that hasn’t been filled yet for the season, so we jumped in for a few shots.

Portrait - Brandon (veronicamachak.com)

And who can resist a little sun flare/heroic angle?

Portrait - Brandon (veronicamachak.com)

Fortunately, the librarians never told us to keep it down while we were goofing off in the corner of the fourth floor.

Portrait - Brandon (veronicamachak.com)

Thanks, Brandon, for a lovely shoot, and congratulations on your (impending) graduation!

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